The South China Morning Post cares a lot about your safety. In view of the current public events, we will work closely with Island Shangri-la hotel and monitor the situation around Admiralty. In the event that there are protests / road blocks, we will suggest the following:

1. Transportation
A. Island Shangri-la hotel is accessible by bus, taxi and the Admiralty MTR
B. If the roads are blocked, you may take the MTR
C. If MTR service is suspended or disruption at Pacific Place, we strongly recommend that you stay inside the hotel area until it's safe to leave.

2. There are two exits which you can leave Island Shangri-la Hotel
A. Hotel main entrance exit to Supreme Court Road
B. Exit near Taishan Room to Pacific Place then to Admiralty MTR station

3. SCMP Events Team will closely monitor the public event’s progress on the event day.
In case there is potential risk that spreads to Admiralty, SCMP will reserve the right to continue or cancel the Festival.

4. In case of early closure / cancellation of the Festival, SCMP will make the announcements via the following channels:
A. Onsite announcements to all the exhibitors as well as delegates.
B. Post on the event website internationalschoolsfestival.com
C. Post on the SCMP Education Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/scmpeducation/

5. In the event of public unrest, the Festival may be cancelled and no refund or credit will be issued.

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