The SCMP Learning Festival 2020 has been rescheduled due to the current Covid-19 situations in Hong Kong. For your health and safety, the event has been rescheduled to March 27, 2021.

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Rescheduling of
SCMP Learning Festival 2020

On behalf of the South China Morning Post, we would like to thank you for your support for the first SCMP Learning Festival. To date, we have 30+ exhibitors, 2,600+ registered parents, and 10+ speakers who have confirmed for the event.

Over the past couple of days, we have been monitoring the development of the latest wave for the Covid19 pandemic in Hong Kong, and thoroughly discussed the pros and cons of running the event as originally scheduled on November 28. Our utmost priority is the health and safety of all our participants during this very difficult time for our city. We have also considered the reputational risks for all participating organizations.

As such, after much deliberation, we have decided to reschedule the SCMP Learning Festival to March 27, 2021. The venue remains unchanged at Sheraton Hotel Hong Kong. Your registration remains valid for the new event date. The 2-night staycation contest will still be open for entry at the event.

The updated event agenda and contest details will be released on thand through emails closer to the event date in March.We would also like to ask you to join the SCMP Parents Facebook group to stay updated with the latest news about this event.We understand that this decision may bring some inconvenience to everyone involved, and for that, please accept our sincerest apologies.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration, and I look forward to your continuous support to SCMP Events.

Health Measures for
SCMP Learning Festival 2020

We are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation. To comply with the social distancing policies implemented by the Hong Kong Government and to ensure your health and safety at our event, safety measures will be put in place, including but not limited to – changing the date, venue and/or format of the event.

Such changes will be announced on the website and communicated to registered attendees through email.

Health measures taken by the Organiser
1. All guests (including exhibitors) are required to undergo a temperature check at the event entrance. Any person with a temperature of or over 37 degrees celsius will be denied entry.
2. All guests (including exhibitors) must complete a health declaration form before their arrival. Admission is not allowed if they fail to complete this form or confirm the matters as set out in this form.
3. All guests will be divided into two sessions for crowd control purposes.
4. Any guests who are under mandatory quarantine or wearing electronic wristband are denied entry.
5.All guests are required to wear a mask at all times during the event.
7. There will be 1.5 metre of distance queuing arrangement at registration.
8. The organiser will arrange hand sanitizers at the registration desk.
9. No eating is allowed at the event.

Health measures taken by the hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Hong Kong (Sheraton)
1. Clean the facilities, tables and chairs on a regular basis.
2. Sheraton's main entrance, escalator handrails, door handles, handles and elevators buttons will be cleaned and sterilized every 2 hours with diluted bleach.
3. There will be cleaning staff on-duty to clean and sterilize all toilets regularly during the event.
4. Hotel staff will deny entry to any person with an electronic wristband or under compulsory quarantine. In case of any violation, security guards will report to the police immediately.
5. There will be covered rubbish bins for disposal masks in the event area.

For exhibitors, please adopt the following precautions measures
1. Upon arrival, all on-duty staff are required to undergo a temperature check, complete a health declaration form and wear a mask.
2. All exhibition booth must be at least 1.5 metres apart from each other.
3. A maximum of 2 on-duty staff and 2 visitors can visit any one booth at any one time.
4. Please provide hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays at each exhibitor's booth.
5. No eating is allowed at exhibition booth or event area.


The email of the winner of the ScanHunt Contest is "vivixx.xxxmh@gmail.com". The winner will be notified by email and/or phone with the prize collection details.

At the SCMP Virtual Learning Festival, we have created a virtual event that allows you to collect first-hand information and speak with real-life exhibitors on interest classes and learning needs of your child. 

To add an element of fun to the event, we are happy to host the ScanHunt Contest, of which the top winner will win an exclusive staycation at Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong!


  • To begin, LIKE and FOLLOW the SCMP PARENTS Facebook group.
  • Download the ScanHunt app for iOS or Android.
  • Next, find the game using the code E76EA2.
  • SCMP’s Virtual Learning Festival event is open on March 27 from 9AM to 4PM (Hong Kong Time, GMT+8). Once the event starts, you can start scanning QR codes and collecting points until the event closes.
  • Throughout the day, you will be viewing virtual booths, talking to exhibitors, and attending info sessions and panel talks. In each of these activities, you will find a QR code to scan to collect points.
  • The points you can collect varies from activity to activity. For example, browsing content at a virtual booth can earn five points whereas talking to a real-time exhibitor in a meaningful way can earn 20 points. Some QR codes can be tough to find. (Be sure to look at all virtual booths or ask questions at the end of a live chat.)
  • The attendee with the highest number of points will win the ScanHunt contest and enjoy a 3-day, 2-night staycation package at Rosewood Hong Kong! In the event of multiple top scorers with equal points, the attendee with the shortest completion time wins.

PLUS! Check how you are stacking up against other attendees with a real-time leaderboard!


Questions? Email to conferences@scmp.com or visit us at the SCMP Information Booth at the virtual event itself.



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