The SCMP Learning Festival 2020 has been rescheduled due to the current Covid-19 situations in Hong Kong. For your health and safety, the event has been rescheduled to March 27, 2021.

Please click here for details.

The Schedule

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10:00 am - 10:30 am

Info Session: Wycombe Abbey 
What is a Holistic Education?
Howard Tuckett,
Founding Headmaster, Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong

10:40 am - 11:10 am

Info Session:  Neo Lumina
Sharpening the competitive edge in kids
Eric Tang
, Academic Director, Neo Lumina

11:20 AM - 12:20 PM

Panel: How do parents choose extracurricular activities for primary school children?

Parents are aware of the benefits that extracurricular activities can have on their children, including exploring a new passion, developing self-identity, increasing self-esteem and building social skills. But parents often find it difficult to find the 'right' activities for their children. Should you choose team sports or individual sports? Music or coding? Chess or painting? How do parents choose age-appropriate activities? What is the right mix of sport and extracurricular activities to help children grow and find their passion? Should parents let their children choose their activities based on their own personal interests?

Odette Umali, Founder, Gordon Parenting
Robbie McRobbie, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Rugby Union
Katie Leung, Child and Family Therapist, LifeSpan Counselling

Douglas Parkes, Commissioning Editor, South China Morning Post

12:30 PM- 01:00 pm

Info session: Little Beijing
Why learn Chinese?
Jenny Sit
, Founder and Director, Little Beijing

02:00 pm - 02:30 pm

Info session: Press Start Academy
Play, Learn, Grow: Designing powerful learning experiences through play and games
Vince Siu
, Founder and CEO, Press Start Academy

02:40 pm - 03:40 pm

Panel: Extracurricular Activities: How much is too much?

In Hong Kong, there is a growing trend to keep children as busy as possible with structured activities like sports, music lessons and dance classes. Although these are beneficial to children in many ways, some psychologists believe that too many activities may create anxiety or stress. How many extracurricular activities are considered too many? How do parents know when their child is overwhelmed or genuinely miserable? Do parents worry that their child will feel left out if they limit their after-school activities? How can parents craft a balanced schedule for their child?  

Dr Ying Kan, Counselling Psychologist, Director, Talk in Action
Eva Chen, Associate Professor, Division of Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Bonnie Ng, Senior Director of Multi-Learning Workshop, Early Childhood Education Expert, and Columnist

Douglas Parkes, Commissioning Editor, South China Morning Post


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The email of the winner of the ScanHunt Contest is "vivixx.xxxmh@gmail.com". The winner will be notified by email and/or phone with the prize collection details.

At the SCMP Virtual Learning Festival, we have created a virtual event that allows you to collect first-hand information and speak with real-life exhibitors on interest classes and learning needs of your child. 

To add an element of fun to the event, we are happy to host the ScanHunt Contest, of which the top winner will win an exclusive staycation at Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong!


  • To begin, LIKE and FOLLOW the SCMP PARENTS Facebook group.
  • Download the ScanHunt app for iOS or Android.
  • Next, find the game using the code E76EA2.
  • SCMP’s Virtual Learning Festival event is open on March 27 from 9AM to 4PM (Hong Kong Time, GMT+8). Once the event starts, you can start scanning QR codes and collecting points until the event closes.
  • Throughout the day, you will be viewing virtual booths, talking to exhibitors, and attending info sessions and panel talks. In each of these activities, you will find a QR code to scan to collect points.
  • The points you can collect varies from activity to activity. For example, browsing content at a virtual booth can earn five points whereas talking to a real-time exhibitor in a meaningful way can earn 20 points. Some QR codes can be tough to find. (Be sure to look at all virtual booths or ask questions at the end of a live chat.)
  • The attendee with the highest number of points will win the ScanHunt contest and enjoy a 3-day, 2-night staycation package at Rosewood Hong Kong! In the event of multiple top scorers with equal points, the attendee with the shortest completion time wins.

PLUS! Check how you are stacking up against other attendees with a real-time leaderboard!


Questions? Email to conferences@scmp.com or visit us at the SCMP Information Booth at the virtual event itself.



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